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A new play by Khareem Jamal telling the stories of David Walker, Harriet Tubman and Joseph Bologne.

The motivation for this play is to give people an insight and education into “our journey”. Telling the stories of these individuals will give an insight into “hidden” history.

How did the sacrifice of these individuals alter the landscape at the time and change the future, which is now our present?

These stories will inspire young people about the possibilities of achievement, and the realisation that your circumstances do not have to determine your outcome.
The “Voices of Black Folk” is effectively three monologues, which express the individual experiences of three characters in the African Diaspora during the period of slavery and imperial exploitation.

Although three individual stories, there is an undoubted synergy between them as all three were able to overcome their circumstances, and in the process dispel and confound the erroneous beliefs that were then held about African people at that time. They did this by speaking truth to power without fear for their own mortality, and with resilience, determination and in the relentless pursuit of that which was the right of every living man, freedom!

They and many others confounded the common perception of that time, which held that “African People” were thought to be less than human, and devoid of the intelligence and the capabilities that “other races” possessed.

The “Voices of Black Folk” shows what can be achieved with determination, courage and no little resilience and serves as an inspiration to people in the present day, when they allow their circumstances to determine or limit their possibilities.